Time Out!


So, this week has turned into chaos.  It’s Monday. What’s up you ask? Well, I led a youth retreat this past weekend.  On my return trip my 2007 Jeep Compass died in Dexter, MI.  Thankfully, Dan Jones one of the youth pastors from Ward Church in Northville, MI was with me.  However, it has added a layer of complexity that is frustrating.

Today, (Monday, February 8 ) I had to report to the jury pool at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Downtown Detroit. I am now “Juror 12” on a trial. Another level of complexity, which would typically be a fun thing but this week is an annoyance.

I am preaching at Grace Chapel on Sunday, teaching a Sunday School class, and leading two Small Groups this weekend. So, with jury duty eating up my  days, sermon prep is now moved to the evenings.  This leaves little time to write. I will be back next week.