Mark Driscoll: 18 ‘obstacles to effective evangelism’

insight – Driscoll: 18 ‘obstacles to effective evangelism’. This article got me thinking about so many things. Some of it isn’t applicable in my situation becuase I am not in Australia and the last time the British influenced our country they were getting hineys kicked in the War of 1812 (or we were bailing them out because the Germans were kicking their cans).

All kidding aside, the article has some great points.  I struck particularly by the discussion on movements.  I wonder is our church or our ministry a movement? Are we telling the stories of God?  Or are we telling the stories of when God used to work?

Boy, I will tell you what, at one of the University’s that I work on we are seeing a movement come to life and it’s fun, scarey, and amazing. I can’t control it and yet they cry out for direction.

Where are we?  Where are you?